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5 Ways Martial Arts Will Change Your Life

Hi there,

Thank you for visiting with us today! Our martial arts school might just seem like a place to get fit and learn self-defense... but the truth is it's so much more.

When you get started on your training, I know you will feel some of the more "subtle" benefits that most people experience. I say subtle because these aspects are often times overlooked – but they can make a huge impact on your life!

Here are a handful of those life-changing benefits people walk away with in addition to amazing self-defense moves...

#1: A Confidence Boost

One of the first things both children AND adults notice when training with us is a big boost in confidence.

Like most sports or new adventures, martial arts is challenging. Yet when you persevere in the face of a challenge, and come out on top, you realize you're stronger and more capable than you thought. Doesn’t that feel good?!

Realizing your awesome abilities to overcome new tasks makes you feel more confident. You feel more sure of yourself and are able to handle whatever other challenges life throws your way.

This goes for kids, too. Their confidence boosts quickly as well.

#2: Laser Like Focus

Since the techniques are challenging, they require your full attention. You have to concentrate hard on listening to the instructor and then performing what they taught you.

The neat thing is that this intense concentration naturally pours into all other areas of your life as well.

Adults find themselves focusing better and more intensely at work. And kids tend to participate more in classroom activities and pay attention to tasks when they are given…the first time around.

#3: Increase Your Physical Fitness

No matter what kind of shape you’re in when you start martial arts, one thing is for certain…you will be in great shape very quickly after you start!

Each class is loaded with challenging, fun exercises. But because you're so focused on performing techniques, and having a blast with your classmates, you hardly notice it.

Before you know it, the class is over, and you not only learned powerful martial arts...

... you got a great workout, too. Being physically fit boosts energy, mental clarity, and confidence as well.

#4: Gain a Sense of Community

We're a tight-knit group! Both students and instructors are all about support and friendship.

Kids and adults both make new friends, and find a level of support from instructors and staff they didn’t think was possible. When the students succeed, the instructors succeed as well.

The instructors promote camaraderie and being a good sport as much as possible. As a result, our community thrives.


We provide the kind of environment that fosters friendship, encouragement, and motivation. It's truly great to experience.

#5: You Have FUN!

Not to brag, but…our classes are a blast! Most people definitely don’t think of the word fun when they hear about working out or even martial arts. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Kids and adults both work hard and laugh hard too. High fives and smiles are part of every class!

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Looking forward to meeting you in person soon!

Ed Rumick, Founder

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You can call our Buckingham kids martial arts classes “family classes” because the parents of our students love these classes as much as their kids. And why not when the end-result is discipline and great sense of respect for kids of all ages! We focus on a well-rounded student; well behaved everywhere and a good performer in school.

Kids love our martial arts classes because we blend fun activities and games, and still dedicate pure focus time to learn new techniques while perfecting the old ones.