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Ed Rumick

About The Solebury Club in Buckingham, PA

Meet Ed Rumick

Owner and Chief Instructor at
The Solebury Club in Buckingham
Nana Dan (7th Dan)

Solebury Club Karate  -  “It’s not just an art, it’s an attitude”

Did you know? The word karate-do is made up of three Japanese characters. Their literal meaning is "Way of the Empty Hands." Karate is a martial art of empty handed self-defense; students learn to use unarmed body parts, such as hands and feet, to ward off attackers!

"The world of karate cannot be compared to any other sport or physical exercise. Karate, developing the whole body and mind, can be experienced by anyone. Since karate offers self-defense, character development, physical exercise, a historical art and a sport, anyone of any age and any fitness level can train in the way of karate." - Solebury Club Shotokan Karate

No matter what your fitness or martial arts goals are, we have tons of classes to choose from! Some of our long list of offerings include:

Adult Classes

  • Shotokan Karate-Do: A Japanese Martial Art of self-defense. Kara(empty) te(hand) Do(the way) or The Way of the Empty Hand focuses not just on the physical art, as students learn to defend themselves with empty hands(weaponless), but on the mental aspect as well. 
  • Adult Karate: Increase your Strength, Balance, Flexibility and Coordination all while you learn this traditional art of self-defense. Meet and train with new people as you develop a strong sense of belonging with your fellow students.
  • Kickboxing: One of the most popular programs! This challenging and motivating class will teach you real Kickboxing and Karate techniques. All of our Kickbox classes are taught by certified Black Belt instructors.
  • Instructor Training: The AJKA-I Instructor Training Program encourages the formal training of karate instructors for the development of AJKA-I Shotokan Karate-do. It also helps participants develop skills to guide others in their search to understand and master the art of shotokan karate-do. Candidates are admitted to the program based upon their interest and their potential to develop into highly qualified karate instructors.
  • Seminars: Several times a year The Solebury Club will host seminars with some of the world's top instructors such as: Sensei Leslie Safar 9th Dan and Sensei Edmond Otis 8th Dan.
  • Training Camp: This yearly Karate Training Camp during the summer is amazing! Many of the world's top instructors come together and share their knowledge with students from around the country and world. 

Children & Youth Classes

  • Tigers: Ages 4-5! This program was designed for children who are too young to experience our youth program. Children will learn basic karate techniques and participate in drills and games to help them learn Balance, Coordination, Focus, Self-Control and Respect. Some 3 year olds are accepted.
  • Youth Karate: Ages 6 - 12. The fundamentals of Karate are taught by combining traditional and modern training techniques. Confidence is gained through hard work and dedication as belt rankings are awarded.
  • Youth Strength/Agility: Ages 6 – 13. Strength, agility and conditioning drills ideal for aiding children in their karate training and other sports.
  • Youth Yoga: This class will help create a stronger more flexible body while learning to focus their breathing in time with body weight movements.  

The goal at Solebury Club Karate is to develop a well-rounded individual at home, in school and in the dojo. Our program is dedicated to developing healthy bodies, sound minds, and self-esteem balanced with a deep respect for others. We can’t wait to meet you and work together!

"Our teachers (sensei) are committed to guiding students along their own path towards productive and conscientious contributors throughout their lives.-The Solebury Club

Sensei DeAngelis 7th Dan

Sensei Rob DeAngelis (7th Dan) is a lifelong resident of Central Bucks County and a Central Bucks East alumnus.  He continues to live and work in the area that he loves so much, having forged many long lasting personal and professional relationships within the community.  In addition to his martial arts and personal training instruction, Sensei DeAngelis serves as a board member for the Matthew Renk Foundation which is a charity that benefits local families that have been affected by pediatric brain cancer.

Sensei DeAngelis has been training, instructing and competing in karate for 32 years.  In that time he has been a highly successful National and International Competitor earning many championships and awards as well as being a member of Team USA.  He has personally produced many students that became National Champions and International Competitors.  Most recently, in 2015, Sensei DeAngelis coached Team USA at the Ippon Cup in Berlin, Germany.  Here he was able to lead two of his own students as well as competitors from around the country to multiple Gold Medals.

Well known for his technical knowledge, understanding and attention to detail, Sensei DeAngelis is a member of the North American Technical Committee and the International Technical Committee for the AJKA-I, an international karate organization with branches throughout North America, Europe, India, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. 

Sensei DeAngelis is also the Director of the East Coast Instructor Training Program.  This is a 200 hour course consisting of Power Point Presentations, Physical Training and 44 research reports.  Instructors from around the country seek out Sensei DeAngelis for his knowledge so that they may become better instructors themselves.

In addition, Sensei DeAngelis is the founder of the Junior Instructor Training Program for 14 to 17 year olds. These students go through the same Instructor Program as the adults receiving International Certification as instructors as well as a letter of recommendation from an international organization highlighting their achievements, helping them stand out from the crowd on their college applications.

Sensei enjoys staying busy, working out and spending time with his 5 year old son and wife Anne Marie – both of whom are involved in the martial arts.

Ed Rumick

Meet Ed Rumick

SCK Chairman & Karate Program Director at
The Solebury Club in Buckingham
Go Dan (5th Dan)

Sensei Ed Rumick, SCK Chairman & Karate Program Director (5th Dan) 

In 1997, Sensei Rumick began teaching and training in the Buckingham area along side Sensei DeAngelis, resulting in a powerful team of instructors and leaders for their classes, seminars, tournaments and fundraisers.

In addition to martial arts classes, Sensei Rumick is well known in the Central Bucks area for his Fitness Kickboxing classes. His fitness classes have maintained a large following since the mid 90’s and are always challenging and exciting. Sensei is a lifelong Bucks County resident and enjoys spending his free time at the area’s many parks, lakes and river.

Sensei Rumick has proven that it is possible to overcome adversity and challenges in training.  In February of 2012 he was ready to take his Yodan (4th degree Black Belt) exam. As part of his exam requirements, Sensei wrote a 56 page paper titled “Training Children in Karate - Purpose and use of Equipment”.  Then, five days before his exam he suffered a complete rupture of his right Achilles requiring surgery. 

Through hard work and determination, he was able to recover from this injury and took his Yondan exam with Sensei Safar (9th Dan) in September of 2013, earning the rank of Yondan.

Sensei Rumick has an energetic and exciting personality that both adult and young students can relate to. He motivates the youth program students to help them realize what they can achieve through practice and the support of a teacher. Sensei Rumick introduces the students to the Black Belt goal.

He progressively develops their skills and confidence on their individual path towards that goal. Sensei Rumick has been teaching children for numerous years and has assisted in developing a SCK youth program that stands above other programs in combining quality instruction with high standards and an atmosphere of fun.

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